Peach Gummy Rings


Love gummy candy? Our Peach CBD Gummy Rings are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth as you medicate using non-psychoactive third-party tested cannabidiol isolate. CBD Peach Gummy Rings come 50, 100 or 300 milligrams per bag, with CBD oil infused in each piece.

Savor the taste of summertime with Peach CBD Gummy Rings, reminiscent of the days you spent as a kid in a candy store. With the slightly sour, yet sweet peach taste, these gummy rings are the perfect end to any meal or a chillaxing midday snack. With three different strengths to choose from, you can eat one, share them with friends or enjoy a whole bag of Peach CBD Gummy Rings without the risk of overmedicating. Take a bag of Peach Gummy Rings wherever you go with the sleek bag design that fits into any pouch or pocket.


Individually-infused CBD gummy candies in peach flavor. Pick your dosage with 50, 100 or 300 milligram bags. Available in a variety of other gummy flavors. THC-Free. Gluten Free. Fat Free. MSG Free. Dairy Free. Lab tested for purity and potency.

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