We wouldn’t be anywhere without our customers standing by us. Here is what our customers have to say about FYICBD products.

Sincerely, Tom (San Diego)

“I’m a 62-year-old who is in health insurance limbo. I make too much to receive free care and the premiums and deductibles are too expensive. I’m counting the days until I am eligible for Medicare. In January, I twisted my left knee. It was painful to walk. It also depressed me as I was thinking I had to live with the pain and reduced mobility for three years until I could get the medical care that I needed. A friend suggested I take a CBD product that was made from hemp grown in Kentucky on a farm that is Farm Bill 7606 certified. I did some reading and was pleased to learn that the source of the CBD was legal and produced right here in the USA. I was leery of taking products from China or elsewhere. Within two weeks, most of the pain was gone! My knee is still feeling a little funky, but I can get around without pain. A month ago, I discovered FYI CBD gummies. I was pleased to learn your company is using the same hemp oil that helped me so much. Now I take two FYI gummies in the morning and I’m good to go. It’s amazing and I am in no way high or altered in any way. Thanks for making an affordable remedy that keeps me on my feet!”

With Appreciation, Tres Generationes (San Diego)

“The following are our observations of the exceptionally fine and high quality CBD products from FYI CBD. Please note these observations and experiences are those of our three generation family, and not meant in any way to be construed as medical advise, recommendations, prescription advise or counsel. We came to learn of the many benefits of CBD when our then 14 year-old daughter manifested extreme Bi-Polar disorder like symptoms. So extreme was her depression and elevated moods that she required multi-day hospitalization at Children’s Radys Hospital, San Diego. All possible tests were performed to include blood work, CT-Scans, MRI’s, observation and evaluations by staff psychiatrists and social workers. It was determined that our daughter had contracted and was manifesting symptoms from Black Toxic Mold Poisoning, contracted from the mold containing parochial school attended in Carlsbad, CA. The road to recovery from Black Toxic Mold Poisoning is painful, deeply emotional (for all involved), long and expensive. The most consistent and reliable relief from the depression and elevated moods was the frequent and consistent use of CBD. We tried tinctures, pill forms, edible products from other suppliers. We were extremely fortunate to be introduced to the fine folks at FYI CBD. To say that FYI CBD was and is a life-saver would be an understatement. Our daughter has experienced more consistency in energy level, alertness, sleep patterns, appetite and general health. We cannot sufficiently express our sincere debt and appreciation to FYI CBD. Our daughter is making progressive improvement. If she misses a single-dose, we can tell the difference in her demeanor and rapid return to her prior state.

At the other end of the extreme is my mid-90 year-young mother. My mother is a self-sufficient, live-alone individual who still retains her driving privileges and enjoys driving her BFF youngster 80-something year-olds who have lost their driving privileges. Mother’s principle issue is her near debilitating arthritis and its associated impact on her mobility. Since beginning a regimen of twice daily use of FYI CBD, her arthritis associated inflammation and pain has been reduced dramatically (according to her). Prior to FYI CBD use, she used Doctor prescribed (and additive) pain med’s that required other meds to counter the side-effects of the primary pain abatement and anti-inflammatory pursuits. Lots of unnecessary medical pill management, that was curtailed with the use of FYI CBD. No, mother is not exactly dancing, though she is considerably more mobile than she was prior to FYI CDB use.

In summary, FYI CBD gave us our daughter back for which we will be forever grateful. My mother’s quality of life and hopefully her longevity has been substantially improved with FYI CBD use.”