I’m a 62-year-old who is in health insurance limbo. I make too much to receive free care and the premiums and deductibles are too expensive. I’m counting the days until I am eligible for Medicare. In January, I twisted my left knee. It was painful to walk. It also depressed me as I was thinking I had to live with the pain and reduced mobility for three years until I could get the medical care that I needed. A friend suggested I take a CBD product that was made from hemp grown in Kentucky on a farm that is Farm Bill 7606 certified. I did some reading and was pleased to learn that the source of the CBD was legal and produced right here in the USA. I was leery of taking products from China or elsewhere. Within two weeks, most of the pain was gone! My knee is still feeling a little funky, but I can get around without pain. A month ago, I discovered FYI CBD gummies. I was pleased to learn your company is using the same hemp oil that helped me so much. Now I take two FYI gummies in the morning and I’m good to go. It’s amazing and I am in no way high or altered in any way. Thanks for making an affordable remedy that keeps me on my feet!

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