Delta 8 Puff Pod


Our Delta 8 THC vape pod is extremely potent and contains 92% hemp derived delta 8 THC oil and 5% strain- specific terpenes. These pods create a very good vapor and with the rechargeable feature you can be assured you will get every last drop!

  • 1000mg total extract
  • 950mg Delta 8 THC oil (92%+ delta 8 thc)
  • No Delta 9 THC Detected
  • 50mg Botanical or cannabis-derived terpenes (strain dependent)
  • no VG, PG, PEG, Vitamin E, MCT, or any other cutting agent
  • Ceramic coil technology
  • Custom window for seeing oil level
  • Micro USB port for charging
  • Palm size, Ultra slim
  • 350mAh battery
  • Fast heating/ Big vapor

Our pods contain a very concentrated amount of Delta 8 THC. While our terpenes create a great flavor, Delta 8 THC is a harsh cannabinoid so take small puffs not exceeding 3 seconds per puff. Servings per pod depend on size of puffs. Store at room temperature. To activate puff pod, inhale slowly. The light at the bottom will turn green.


The effects from using our Delta 8 THC puff pod are, HAPPY, CALM, REAXED. Vaping Delta 8 THC is slightly different than consuming it orally. Many people report Delta 8 THC as being the opposite of Delta 9 THC in many very good ways. It can boost mood while giving you a relaxed sensation while still remaining productive. Overall you get a great sense of well being!

We DO NOT ship Delta 8 THC to these following states according to current laws: ALASKA, ARIZONA, ARKANSAS, DELAWARE, IDAHO, IOWA, MISSISSIPPI, MONTANA, NEBRASKA, NEVADA, UTAH

This product is not intended to diagnose,  treat, cure or prevent any diseases, conditions or ailments.

Because of the way Delta 8 THC metabolites, as a precaution, you should not consume this product if you need to pass a drug test.

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