What makes FYICBD different than the rest?

In our culture, in our society, we are not informed about hemp because it’s been subjugated to prohibition for over 80 years.  The reality is sustainable and natural hemp is being grown on American soil.  A realization of the medicinal value of hemp is what is driving the movement. The hemp used in FYICBD products is from Kentucky which is leading the way when it comes to the revitalization of industrial hemp.  When congress passed the 2014 Farm Bill, Kentucky was the first state to enable not only universities but departments of agriculture to cultivate hemp.  Kentucky has a beautiful, grassy, gentle, rolling environment for a crop like hemp to be introduced and cultivated industrially.  The number one producing area for the hemp crop in the united states is currently central Kentucky.  At FYICBD our goal is to assist our local farmers to create a raw material resource for mankind to, put back into the soil, put back into the environment and bring back something that is 100% environmentally sustainable as well as healthy for Americans. Other hemp products on the market are being sourced from Europe and Asia and are not covered by the 2014 and now 2018 Farm Bill.

Historically cannabis and cannabinoids were taken for all sorts of ailments.  The world’s gone down the path of pharmaceuticals; it’s not healthy and not working.  There’s an entire myriad of different pre-clinical and clinical studies that have demonstrated the effectiveness of cannabinoids.  The studies today have shown that cannabinoids can affect everything from inflammation, epilepsy, nervous disorders, even cancer.  Cannabinoids should be taken in a preventative measure along with eating healthy and exercise instead of just “a cure” but in either case, studies are verifying the long-forgotten tale of the positive results of cannabinoids when taken medicinally.  We’re looking at a product that supplements what people are doing in everyday life so that they are fortified against problems that they otherwise could be facing and if the ailment already exists, a product that hopefully helps with that condition as well.

At FYICBD we use seeds that have been crossed bred amongst the oldest land race hemp strains on earth for the past eighteen years.  These are our own certified cultivar grown right here in the USA and as a result you get the best plant, the best yield, and the best quality of product.  The architect behind the product contains all-natural hemp flower extract, organic hemp seed oil, there are no synthetics, no artificial flavorings, and no man-made ingredients in the actual oil itself.  It’s a very well-rounded product and today’s society is looking for just that. Hemp is going to change the world and it could make you a healthier person.  We wanted to make sure we could grow great crops, we could design a quality product, we could put the right systems in place, and it’s time to spread the word.